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Patented Technology

Red Light (LEDs) Energy

Six high-powered UV-free red lights (LEDs) in the 662nm wavelength shine brightly to safely and effectively stimulate the tissue.

Thermal Energy

Gentle heat warms the tissue and encourages blood flow, which aids in natural lubrication to help sooth dryness. Gentle heat also amplifies the LED benefits.

Sonic Technology

Sonic vibration aids in muscle stimulation. There are 6 (vFit) and 10 (vFit PLUS) modes for your customization.

Photonic Gel

Formulated specifically to enhance your vFit performance and comfort, this ultra-concentrated, water-based gel is infused with hyaluronic acid and aloe to help moisturize.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is vFit FDA approved?

The FDA designated vFit as a Low-Risk General Wellness Device in December 2017, allowing us to legally market and sell our devices for intimate wellness. Want to know more? Click here.

Can I have sexual intercourse after using vFit?

Yes, it’s okay to have sexual intercourse after using vFit.

Can I use vFit during my menstrual cycle?

Yes, vFit is safe to use during menstruation. We leave the decision to use vFit during one’s menstrual cycle to the discretion of each individual user. Continue to use if you are comfortable doing so or take the week off if you prefer.

How do I charge vFit?

Your device comes with a USB-C charging cable. To charge your device, plug one end of the cable into the charging port at the end of the device.

Plug the other end of the cable into any universal USB-C certified power source. You can use any power cube which plugs into a standard electrical outlet, such as your phone charger.

When plugged in, your device will detect power and vibrate 2 times. The center red light will illuminate, letting you know your device is charging. Once fully charged, the red indicator light will turn solid green.

How do I clean vFit?

Using a soft, non-abrasive cloth, gently clean vFit with warm water and antibacterial soap prior to first use and after each subsequent use. Rinse vFit thoroughly to ensure all soap residue is removed. Let vFit air dry and store in a cool, dry location protected from dirt or dust.

Don’t immerse your vFit Gold or vFit Gold PLUS in water or place in a dishwasher, sterilizer, or autoclave. Don’t use cleaning solutions which may damage your vFit Gold or vFit Gold PLUS and their electronics or allow the electronic controls and charging port to get wet.

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